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    :9961_Pin332: Kumpulkan dan dapatkan Hadianya / Collect and get Reward :9961_Pin332:



    :9961_Pin332: Klick kanan Open Image in New Tab / Buka Gambar di Tab Baru untuk melihat detailnya

    :9961_Pin332: Click Right Open Image in New Tab for view detail image

    :9961_Pin332: Jika terjadi bug maka event gagal / If a bug occurs then the event is canceled


    :9961_Pin332: Collect These Items When You Get Them Through Mission Boards (Rate 10%) and Tombs (Rate 15%) In Easy Mode - Labyrinth 17 No Rolls :9961_Pin332:


    🎁 25 Item : 1.000 Hana Cash

    🎁 250 Item : 10.000 Hana Cash

    🎁 2500 Item : 100.000 Hana Cash

    :9961_Pin332: Admin fee for exchanging 2.5KG per 25 items #SpamBanned

    :9961_Pin332: NB: You exchange it through the admin by sending the item via game mail with the IGN "EventGan" #SpamBanned

    :9961_Pin332: Valid until so on unless the new system

    Event Raid Nest

    :9961_Pin332: Event Raid Nest Custom :9961_Pin332:

    :9961_Pin332: Terms and Conditions are as follows :9961_Pin332: :

    :9961_Pin332: You Must Complete 3 Raid Only 1 Limit Perraid

    :9961_Pin332: Give 3 Final Screent Shots When Killing the Boss (3 Raid)

    :9961_Pin332: Then Give Screent Shot Your Count Entry Nest Back On the Community Menu

    :9961_Pin332: Give to Admin ID - IGN - Job - Guild

    :9961_Pin332: If you participate with 8 guild members then the rewards will be double as stated "Non Guild Rewards and Guild Rewards"

    :9961_Pin332: If You Participate With 1/2 Outside Guild Member Then Your Reward Is Only "Guild Reward"

    :9961_Pin332: If you have already followed then you don't get any more rewards but party members who haven't got it then they are also entitled to get

    ⏰⏰⏰ Event until April 30, 2021 ⏰⏰⏰

    💰💰💰 Total Rewards Approximately Rp 500.000 / $ 50 Per Player 💰💰💰

    📌📌📌 Location Raid 📌📌📌 :

    ❤️ Sea Dragon Nest >> Helmalte Nest ❤️

    ❤️ Ice Dragon Nest >> Anu Arendel Nest ❤️

    ❤️ Rune Dragon Nest >> Merca's Port Nes ❤️

    Event Share

    :9961_Pin332: Event Share Game :9961_Pin332:

    :9961_Pin332: Terms and Conditions are as follows :9961_Pin332: :

    :9961_Pin332: One person can only participate in the sharing event once

    :9961_Pin332: Must like and share this share event post

    :9961_Pin332: Must share to 10 Gaming Groups (Facebook and Discord)

    :9961_Pin332: Give Screent Shot when you have shared the post this for this event to admin Fanspage or Discord

    :9961_Pin332: Give to Admin ID | Nick | JOB | Guild

    ⏰⏰⏰ Event until April 30, 2021 ⏰⏰⏰

    📌📌📌 Detail info in Fanspage : 📌📌📌

  • Release On 24 Februari 2021


    Server Info :

    Discord :

    Fanspage :

    Group FB :

    Whastapp :

    > More Feature :

    - 100% Friendly

    - Free Starter Equipment

    - 10 Character

    - Auto Awakened

    - DMJ, BMJ, VDJ Fix

    - Free Started Player

    - Instant Lv 95

    - Main Quest On

    - Mission Board On

    - Nest & Raid Nest Drop Full Custom

    - No Donation Item, Equipment, Dkk

    - No P2W but you have to be diligent in farming

    - Open All Nest, Trial Nest

    - Open All Raid Nest Official (Max DDN TA LB 16)

    - Open Old All Nest (Minotaur | Cerberus Hell LB 15 | Manticore LB 15 | Apocalypse LB 15)

    - Open Old All Raid Nest Custom (IDN LB 4 | Rune DN LB 8)

    - Open Old All Raid Nest Sett Off (SDN | GDN | BDN | RDN)

    - Saint Haven New

    - Skill Hero Fix

    - Skill Job Balance

    - Skill 95% No Bug

    - Skill Remake & Revamp

    - Trading House DNP & Gold

    - Etc

    > Server Feature :

    - Farm On

    - Fishing On

    - SPA On

    - PVE On

    - PVP On

    - RANK PVE / PVP On

    - Real Money Trading On

    - Donation Cash Only (Automatic in Website), Buff, Goddess Heraldy, and Exp Colosseum

Players Online

    Online Player: 19

Schedule Raid Nest Every day GMT+7

    Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Friday

    Limit Per Week
    GDN TA
    2X Per Player
    BDN TA
    2X Per Player
    DDN TA
    2X Per Player

    Thursday / Saturday / Sunday

    Limit Per Week
    Gust DN
    1X Per Player
    FDN HC
    1X Per Player
    IDN HC
    1X Per Player
    Run HC
    1X Per Player

    jika kamu sudah raid dengan GM maka kamu tidak bisa raid lagi selama satu minggu bersama admin!

    If you have raided with GM then you cannot raid again for one week with admin!